A 9-Year-Old Kid Does Something To Homeless Women, Their Reaction? Am So Touched!


January 24, 2016 Videos

It is so amazing to know that a kid of nine years can do some research. D.J. Flores, a fourth grader at Fort Worth, TX, found out that the highest number of people who are homeless are women with a percentage of 60. These women get homeless because of domestic violence and mistreatment. This motivated D.J. to do something about it.

He started a project of collecting piling up old handbags and purses. Inside each one of them, he packed the basic necessities which one will need like hospital blankets, socks, toothpaste, toothbrush and others. He then requested is mother to drive in the locality and hand out the purses to the homeless women. D.J. called the project “Love in Packs.” It is surely amazing to see a little kid do such a touching thing, which even most of the grown-ups will not attempt.


Confessing to Ken Molestina of CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, D.J. told him that the action of helping others made him feel happy. He continued saying that what he wanted people to know is that age does not come in when one wants to do great things.

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