8 Year-Old Girl Sings “Summertime” The Crowd’s Reaction? So Incredible Performance!


January 20, 2016 Videos

In the music world, there is that singer who becomes a legend because of his wonderful performances. Edit Piaf, Whitney Houston and Billie Holiday are just but a few of these extraordinary artists of all the times.



If you have a closer look at their life history, these artists begin their career in their early 20s. In the clip below, you will definitely realize that the future legend has surfaces a little bit earlier on the stage. This legend is none other than Angelina Jordan of 8 years of age. Her angelic voice and the tone variation control she demonstrated when she performed made thousands of spectators surprised.

For the soul lovers, they will surely tell you that the little girl knows what “old soul” means! The way she controlled herself emotionally and vocally, you will think that she has been in the music industry for a very long time, which is not the case. She actually sang “Summertime” in a professional level that left the spectators stunned. The whole crowd went crazy at the 1:35 mark when she attained the highest note!

There is no doubt that if she continues like this she will surely become the next music legend. Watch the video below and please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook if it made your day!

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