7 Brave Women Risk Their Lives To Ride 100 Horses. They Saved Them!


February 6, 2017 Videos

Somewhere in the Netherlands, a great storm hit a village. There were floods all over. Unfortunately, a big herd of horses, over 100 of them, found itself trapped on a small island deep in the floods. Of these, 19 died, and the rest had to be fed by animal welfare workers and firemen to keep them alive. Three days after, a group of ladies showed up!

As another storm approached, the situation got more desperate, and someone decided to post the story on a horse forum. Next, one smart lady, Norma Miedema, created a special group called The Netherlands Horse Rescue. That’s what changed everything!


A group of 7 women from the group showed up at the site and risked their lives riding the horses from the dangerous floods and to safety. Great!

You need to watch this.

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