At 60 Years Of Age, Not Many Expected Her To Do This When She Took The Stage. WOW!!


June 4, 2015 Videos

As she turned out to be 60-years of age, she decided to request for retirement. She had been working as a high school teacher for a very long time. To mark the completion of the period as an active teacher, she made up her mind to do a bombshell concert, something new which has been noticed by a number of people. Back when she was a dance teacher, Ms. Clement formed an almanac dance competition. She being a breathtaking dancer, her students and she grouped up to perform Bruno Mars’ song, called Uptown Funk, comprising of some inspiring maneuvering.

Once she brought around her rap, the audience did cheer, clap and scream, but little did they expect that the presentation would turn out to be a funny one once the music began. To the most of the crowd’s point of view, she was just a perfect dancer who could be compared to her dancing students, or better than them!


This 60-year-old woman could spin her head immaculately when the video count clock shows three. Is this a camera trick?

Congratulations Ms. Clement for yourretirement! Thanks for the wonderful job you have done! You are a living example to the grown-ups and proved to them that dancing has no age limit!! Was some of the comments given out by one of the You Tube commenters!!

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