58 Years Ago, He Bumped Into A Baby In The Woods, And Now Things Are About To Get Emotional. Moving!


November 5, 2015 Videos

Almost 6 good decades ago, Dave Hickman was a young man who loved accompanying his nice grandpa into the woods on some adventurous hunting missions. One day, the adventure turned into history.

The teen, as he was then, and his grandpa, were going about their hunting business when he came across a baby abandoned in the woods. These two guys had some human hearts, and they couldn’t leave the baby. Dave took the infant to the nearby hospital and left. He never had a chance to see heragain since then. Dave has always wanted to know how the baby faired.


Fast-forward 58 years later, and something really big is about to happen to Dave. The baby he saved in the woods is now a grown human, and she’s about to meet her rescuer in the most emotional moment you can imagine.

This video captures that great moment, and you’re sure to feel the strong emotions flowing. Watch the full clip and try not to cry a lot. PleaseSHARE this lovely video on Facebook!

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