Terrifying Truth… A Down Syndrome Child Saves Her Drowning Little Sister. What A Miracle!

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August 11, 2015 Videos

While Carin Richardson of 12-year was together with her sisters playing at their house backyard pool, suddently the environment changed.

Carin who suffers from a Down syndrome, decided to stay at the pool swimming while her sisters entered the house. She never noticed when Jac’Lynn, her 3 year sister followed him and entered the pool.

Unable to swim, she sunk at the pool. Upon realizing, Carin responded immediately by taking hergoggles and jumping into the water.

Inside the pool, Carin pulled her sister from the bottom and out of the pool. Once outside the pool, she was taken into the house and Carin declared a hero for saving her sister’s life.


This kind of braveness is not only a demonstration of our survival character, but also how much we love our family members. Just like this heroic story, a boy of 13 years rescued his sister from a fire
Tomarra Richardson, the mother of the children, told ABC that Carin was a hero for rescuing her sister from drowning. When the family contacted the 911 line, they found out that Jac’Lynn was recovering well.

The mother said that the saved daughter was a miracle one, since people with down stndrome never get to respond quickly.

This situation made Tamarra to enhance the security at the pool by adding an alarm and locks, for prevention purposes.

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