You Might Have Listened To This Country Song A Number Of Times, But These Sisters Make It Completely New!


January 8, 2016 Videos


While I was young, I was encouraged to get along with my sister by my grandmother. She always wished for a sister when she was young and said I was really blessed to have one. According to her, sisters will never leave your side as opposed to friends who come and go.

Normally, most kids don’t love it when they siblings get near their clothes and toys – that changes when one is older. I now realize what my grandma meant since I have come to discover the meaning of having a sister. The beautiful bond in sisters is well shown in the clip below.

Tuva and Mia who are sisters have something in common. Tuva who is 14 years of age and Mia who is 11 years of age are performing an English song. Although English isn’t their first language, they go for an adorable country tune and do some recording in a recording studio. They are singing Rascal Flatts’ song known as “I Won’t Let Go” and they do it wonderfully.

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