Gorillas Surround Him While Taking Photos. Now Watch What The Huge One Does To Him…

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September 16, 2015 Videos

This time round, John together with his buddies decided to go for a two week outing with an expert wildlife guide to Uganda. The objective was to study the mountain Gorillas. While walking in the forest taking photos, they encountered a whole family of them. John never expected that he will have to face the huge Silverback gorilla. Instead of taking to his heels, John got frightened and kept looking into the camera with a plastic smile on his face to make the gorillas aware that he and his friends were harmless.

As the huge gorilla stared at him, the others kept surrounding him. In no time, the small gorillas and the huge one were sat with him and began treating him as if he was one of them. This is something that rarely happens, and I can’t imagine the way he felt.


The exact location where this clip was shot is Bwindi National Park in the southwest of Uganda. Being guarded heavily by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Bwindi is considered to be the habitat for a half of the Silverback Mountain Gorillas who are in danger of extinction.

What this clip teaches us is that these animals are harmless if not provoked.

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